How to Catapult Your Raw Food Passion into the Teaching Career of Your Dreams

A Business Success Intensive: Teaching Raw Food Classes with acclaimed Bestselling Raw Food Author, Chef and Lifestyle Coach
Nomi Shannon
Registration begins on October 1st 2014

Ready~Set~Teach with Nomi Shannon

Dear Raw Food Passionista

Are you one of the very special people in this world who feels the call to spread the message of raw food and healing through teaching raw food classes in your area or beyond?

This is a truly worthwhile goal-in fact, it’s how I started my career in raw foods, and to this day I still teach classes at many large raw food events. I LOVE raw food classes and I know that the value that they bring to people is incalculable.

However, what 99% of new teachers NEED to know and DON’T is:
  • How to create a class that people will be excited about and want to attend
  • How to market and fill a class even with no contacts or a mailing list
  • How to find out if you need a business license, a nutritionist degree, or have to rent a teaching space
  • How to set up an organized, professionally run class
  • How to choose the best day and time for your class to maximize the number of attendees
  • What equipment you need to teach raw food classes
  • How to increase your bottom line exponentially and easily
  • Ways to generate income outside of the classroom
  • How to legally and professionally use other people’s recipes
  • The most common mistakes and why you need to avoid them to be successful
  • And much more!

In fact, not having the answers to these essential questions is often enough to discourage potentially great
teachers. Too many people start out excited, work super hard preparing for and teaching their first class for
next to zero profit and think that they will never be able to give up their day job.

The truth is, you CAN give up the day job
if you know what you’re doing

Ready Set Teach Graduate“Nomi’s Ready~Set~Teach class was just what I needed to feel confident teaching my first Raw Food, Radiant Life class. Her tips were invaluable. Less than one month after completing Nomi’s program, I am now scheduled to teach one weekend intensive class a month. Nomi’s class covers the business, marketing, and practical teaching aspects very well. So glad I took the class – thank you, Nomi!”

Suzy Edmonson, LOT, RMT, C-AK, SNC
Spiritual Nutrition Counselor, certified by Gabriel Cousens, MD
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Dolly1“Working with Nomi, I quickly received a multiple return of my investment. I saved a huge amount of time because Nomi has such a vast amount of teaching experience, she was able to share with me what most people really want. At Nomi’s urging I started to tell my personal story at the beginning of my classes and talks, instead of the scientific explanation of the benefits of raw food that I had been doing. This greatly changed my class dynamics. Following Nomi’s suggestions has resulted in more food prep classes and speaking engagements in my area. At age 65, I am just starting to reach for my dream career after 3 years in business, trying to do it on my own. It’s possible for you too.”

Dolly Lawrence
Raw Food Nutrition Educator
Vacaville, California

Let Me Show You The Numbers:

You can earn MORE than a full-time paycheck from part-time hours, when
you know how to do it right. And of course, the more people you teach, the
more people you get to turn on to the amazing benefits of raw food!

Here are some examples:

10 students x $75 = $750*
20 students x $75 = $1,500*
30 students x $75 = $2,250*

raw food shopping
*These are very conservative numbers, in many areas prices are at least double of what this example shows. And please note that these figures don’t include the additional sales that  EVERY raw food teacher can make at EVERY class when they know what to sell and how to sell it. Once you add those figures on you can bring in over $7,000 for one single class with at least 60% of that being profit.

Don’t worry if these numbers don’t work in your part of the world! There are alternative class scenarios that will enable a profit for you. Wait until I share with you the one simple way to  assemble a money-making crowd that I’ve done over and over again!

After years of teaching raw food classes and privately coaching struggling teachers one at a time into success, I have finally decided for the first time ever, in over 18 years of full-time teaching, to open my “doors” to a select number of raw food enthusiasts who are serious about being financially successful, as well as doing their part to literally change the world-one bite at a time- and to share with them everything that I have mastered.

This opportunity comes to you in the form of a Five Month Intensive Training spent working with me via telephone, Skype or internet from the comfort of your own home.

Ready~Set~Teach: The Fastest, Most Helpful
and Cost Effective Way to Become a Certified
Successful Raw Food Teacher TODAY
Registration opens October 1st

This course is designed for people that are:
  • Passionate about Raw Foods
  • Want to make a living teaching their passion
  • Confused about what steps to take to become a successful teacher
  • Need help making a living wage quickly, so that they can transfer  out of an unsatisfying career
  • Are ready to take an ACTIVE role in creating health for themselves and others
  • Want to obtain the best information, learn the most time honored methods and gain the most
    experience from their program
If this sounds like you, this is the program you have been looking for!

Nomi Shannon
Nomi Shannon is one of America’s most critically acclaimed Raw Food Teachers. Raw for over 27 years, Nomi is an award winning author and world renowned coach. Her best-selling book, The Raw Gourmet, Simple Recipes for Living Well has sold over 250,000 copies, making it one of the best-selling raw food books of all time. Having taught raw food classes for over 18 years, Nomi’s Ready~ Set~ Teach program brings the essential information that all aspiring Raw Food Teachers need to know in order to become excellent teachers and make a great living too!

This program combines information about the best ways to make your teaching career rock solid with how to attract students, sell out classes, create add on money makers and so much more! It is designed so you can start earning money and building a career with raw foods in just a few months!

The New Expanded Ready~Set~Teach includes all of the juicy information that everyone wants from an expert like Nomi! In this program you will learn how to show up as a true expert in your field.

Go from Passionate but Intimidated
To Confident and Professional
and start a THRIVING career teaching Raw Food Classes!

Ready~Set~Teach is a Five Month long,
Two-Part Program that Includes:
Part One: Raw Food For the Real World (RFRW)

Over 1000 people have graduated from this course

Are you finally ready to enter the COMFORT ZONE with your Raw Food Lifestyle?

Added by popular demand, Raw Food for the Real World is a two month coaching and support program that offers: eBooks, menu plans, all your recipes, all your grocery shopping lists, audios and videos, plus a special 1:1 coaching session with Nomi that is not available when you purchase Raw Food for the Real World separately. All designed to take you into the COMFORT ZONE with your raw food diet and to learn how to help others into their own comfort zone.Because Raw Food for the Real World teaches how to customize a diet for different needs, you will find this valuable training for your teaching career… I will guide you on specific ways to tweak the menu plans you’ve been given for situations such as:

  • You have lost too much weight in the past as a raw foodist
  • You have blood sugar issues
  • You are pregnant or you are trying to conceive
  • You are a nursing mother
  • You are an athlete
  • You have poor digestion
  • You want to begin a gentle cleanse…or anything else you might like to address

Raw Food For The Real World will help you discover the dietary secrets specific to your own unique needs. There is simply not a ‘one diet fits all’ approach. Never has been, never will be. I’m going to share all my trade secrets which you won’t learn anywhere else, and offer you structure and support.

Raw Food for the Real World

Can you forgive yourself when you’re not perfect on your raw food diet?

Why I Am Offering You A Two Month Raw Food Eating Program As Part Of My Program That Teaches
HOW To Build A Career Teaching Raw Food Classes: Ready~Set~Teach 

Over many years of coaching Raw Food Instructors, I often have students come to me with a passion and an interest, but who are not yet rock solid in their own personal eating practice. This shows up as a lack of confidence and affects how they approach becoming teachers.

This investment in your own diet and lifestyle will help to make you a better teacher; not only because you’ll be observing how I teach, but also to help deepen your knowledge of diet modification for different situations. If there are aspects of being a raw foodist that you have not yet mastered, this program will give you all of the necessary skills, and more importantly PERSONAL EXPERIENCE to help make you a GREAT teacher.

RFRW is a two month program that includes a 30 minute private consultation with me, so that you can get help fine tuning your eating and lifestyle program, and ask all of your questions. This is a great time to see yourself as both student and teacher. (You will always be both!) This preparation will help set you up to sky -rocket your success in Part Two: Ready~Set~Teach

Part Two :  Ready~Set~Teach

Now that you have developed your personal lifestyle habits and learned how to deal with many kinds of issues so that you will be able to help others, the perfect follow up and natural progression is Part Two: Ready~Set~Teach. This is where you will learn how to make a living teaching raw food classes and related activities. (There’s so many ways to generate income outside of a classroom setting!)

This is a three month course where we meet live online every two weeks for our interactive seminars, as well as stay in touch on a daily basis via our online forum.

You will have supporting assignments to complete that will move you into your teaching career, as well as a great deal of other, customized support. Below is a summation of all that you will receive:

1. Six Modules that include LIVE Tele-seminars with Nomi Shannon (see expanded descriptions below)
2. ‘Done For You’ – A complete half-day class
totally set up for you to use, with recipes, timing, etc.
All you have to do is practice and show up and you
have a class 100% planned out for you. (Value $2500)
3. An ACTIVE Forum to create community with other Raw Food Instructors.
Raw food preparationsBusiness is all about networking, referrals and AFFILIATES (people who sell your classes and products for you!). Turn your classmates into some of your best allies! This is where I will answer your questions and you will get all the juicy details that you are hoping for when you work LIVE with an expert, giving you her full attention! This is the place to go for daily support, questions and ideas. It is also where you can brainstorm with your peers in the course, on anything from wording a flyer, or designing a business card, to your adventures finding a great venue and anything else that comes up.

4. Live Event: Invitation to Nomi’s next live event
This is a 2 day live event (most likely to be held in San Diego, California) to take place between now and the end of 2015 (TBA). On day one, you will attend a real ½ day class, both the public and teachers will be attending this class. After the public leaves, we will take some time to answer any questions you may have. On day 2, it’s teachers only, where we analyze teaching styles and will role play different teaching styles and approaches. Bring your video camera to tape yourself. We will discuss timing, and deal with all the issues you may experience during a live class. Practice teaching in front of an audience. (Does not include transportation to San Diego or housing.) (Value $300) 

5. Course Materials you will receive so you can create a permanent notebook to refer to as you build your career.
You will receive:

  • Professionally designed templates to create your own well-designed flyers
  • Recipe Template: to be used as recipe handout gifts for students, or to create your own recipe eBook
  • eBooks
  • Checklists
  • Planners
  • Class Notes
  • Worksheets
  • Recipes and more!

Ready~Set~Teach is for raw food enthusiasts who want to quickly learn how to get started teaching raw food classes

Become a Raw Food Teacher


During your life-changing Ready~Set~Teach course you will:

1. Create the Foundation of Your Class:

This is the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE and HOW of your business.
Together we will:

  • Get clear on what your ideal Raw food business looks like
  • Discover exactly who your best students will be
  • Brainstorm no and low cost venues to keep your overhead down
  • Learn what to look for in a venue and how to set it up
  • Learn the legalities: licensing/ taxes, banking and keeping records.
  • Learn about class content and concepts
  • Discover how to find out about local restrictions
  • Learn how to legally use other people’s recipes
  • What you must know to ensure you are not breaking the law
  • Discover what the people who come to your classes most want to know
  • Learn how to easily build almost instant rapport with every group you teach
Course Materials:
  • The Raw Food Teacher’s Most Popular Class Content Ideas
  • The Raw Food Teachers Most Fabulous Venue Ideas

2. Learn How to Market and Fill Your Class:

Getting ready to teach a great raw food class!

We will be brainstorming the many ways to get the word out about your upcoming class.

Together we will:

  • Create your unique marketing plan
  • Discuss what works and why
  • Decide where you want to put your focus
  • Learn how you can get Free Publicity
  • Top 10 Tips for Building A Social Media Presence
  • How to establish credibility as a new teacher
  • Learn how to have an online presence and how to stay in touch with former students
  • How to avoid the marketing/ promotion mistakes most new teachers make
Course Materials:
  • The Raw Food Teacher’s Most Successful Marketing Options
  • “My First Marketing Plan” (Planner)
  • 3 templates: Create your Own Flyer with ease (2 templates), Recipe handout page for classes or eBook Creation

3. Get Yourself Ready to Teach a Great Class

This is where you will stand out; we will be covering details some people never
even think about (until it’s too late!)At the market
  • How to set the mood and change the pace to keep your audience enthralled.
  • What is ‘your story’? Often this is part of your introductory remarks
  • What should you do when you make a mistake (notice I didn’t say ‘if’)
  • What is the most important speaking concept you need to know? (Learn this and you’ll put more money in the bank.)
  • Learn how to Control the bottom line: your profit
  • What kind of assistance will you need and where to find it. Paid vs Volunteer help
  • How you can make money feeding people
  • How to be fully prepared and stay organized at all stages
  • How to schedule and run a professional class
  • How to create and use your checklist. Hint: don’t leave home without it
Course Materials:
  • Getting Yourself Ready to Teach a Great Class (eBook)
    (Over 30 pages of vital information packed details for you to absorb and quickly implement)
4. Learn a complete “Done For You” Class that you can teach forever: 
‘A Day In The Life Of A Raw Fooder’

Every moment of this class is spelled out for you. With Become a raw food teacherNomi’s help you’ll be deciding exactly what your class will look like (how long it will run, how many breaks and when, will you be providing lunch? How to master time and timing). Completion of RST allows you to use this class template and recipes in perpetuity. Creating your own class/recipes? You may use this as your template.

  • How to keep food costs down and profits up  (It’s a lot easier than you think!)
  • Learn the secret to a great speech, lesson, talk or class (Do this and your audience will be thrilled and will want to come back for more)
  • What your audience most wants to know while you are showing them how to make food (Hint: it’s all in the details)
  • How to engage your audience and keep them engaged
  • How to handle Q and A’s from your audience
  • How to ‘handle’ every type of person in your audience with grace, compassion and humor (Live role play available if desired)
  • What to call your class: it depends on where you live
  • How to look professional and why it matters
Course Materials:
  • What my first Raw Food Class is going to Look Like (Planner)
  • A Day in the Life of a Raw Fooder (eBook)
  • Recipes for A Day in the Life of a Raw Fooder Class

5. Learn How to INCREASE Your Class Profits +

No need to clip coupons, hire a bookkeeper, have bulk food shipped to you
weeks in advance, or worry about every penny – Learn Nomi’s simple and
proven system that keeps cost down, every time, everywhere.

What you MUST KNOW to succeed
  • Learn about important and valuable additional income from each class you teach that can make ALL the difference in your bottom line
  • Learn how to receive credit card and digital payments
  • How you can outsource for low cost technical help
  • How creating one new type of group can help you grow your career in an enjoyable and cost-effective way
  • Learn how to receive credit card and digital payments
Course Materials:
  • How to Make Additional Income from Every Class You Teach
  • Detailed Instructions-How to Take Credit Card and PayPal payments (very important!)

6. How to Implement Little-Known Ways to Generate

Together we will brainstorm the myriad ways  you can make fantastic money
outside of the classroom.

  • Learn ‘secret’ little-used cutting edge events you can create
  • Discover how to cross-promote with others
  • Learn how to generate practically overnight credibility with one simply created product
  • Easily create additional learning opportunities* for your students that will bring them back again and again (* master this one thing and you can have a full blown career with a sizable income)
Course Materials:
  • 35 Ways to Create Income while Building your Reputation as an Expert
    (It’s not all about standing in front of a class!)
  • A Sample Preliminary 6 day live class plan

Pulling it all Together:
Working up your individual PLAN

Raw Food Teacher Training

Describing to you exactly what is provided in this Teacher training is very exciting for me, but because it’s an all live-real-time class, it’s not possible to provide every last detail. You see, I just love teaching live classes because it allows me to see what each person in the group needs. So it’s not possible for this course description to be totally comprehensive, although all topics mentioned will be covered. It’s just that there will be MORE…lots more….the HUMAN to take YOUR personality and background and help YOU to become a great teacher.  :)

People have a tremendous desire for CHANGE and IMPROVEMENT IN THEIR HEALTH. You just need to know how to REACH THEM. The Modules in this course cover many different ASPECTS  of teaching raw food classes; some of which will take you a bit of time, like obtaining your re-sale certificate (if you are in the US) or finding a suitable venue. With our class structure, you will have time to do everything you need to do in order to be ready to teach a successful raw food class- as soon as the class ends, or before!

For 3 months, we will meet every other week (approximately twice a month +- holidays). In the two weeks between each live interactive class, you will be implementing the steps laid out for you so that by the time the course ends, you will have:

  • Completed your check list
  • Created your own class plan or prepared for the Done for You plan
  • Honed your content for your class
  • Obtained any necessary licenses or permits
  • Started your financials off right
  • Found a great venue and chosen your class content and title
  • Learned how to get people to attend your class
  • Learned how to create a great flyer with a professional template
  • Developed the confidence to teach your first (or best) raw food class
  • Figured out where to go for support

Our work together will help guide you on what you’ll be saying/doing and preparing for in your class. By practicing within the safety of the group you will gain the confidence you need in the classes you’ll be teaching. This will be an interactive group. But if you can’t make it to the live seminars, you can post any questions you have in advance and listen to the recording of the class which will be available approximately 2 hours after the live class ends

Get ready to teach your first raw food class!

Be Ready to teach your first class
(or your best class) in 2015

At the end of our time together you will have everything you need to be able to go out and promote and fill your first class with confidence.

If this sounds like exactly what you’ve been waiting for then you are invited to join me and begin your exciting, life-changing career, registration opens on October 1st, 2014.

In addition to the program as described, here are some special gifts that I’ve chosen for you to enrich your experience and immediately begin your learning experience

Enrichment Gifts

These gifts have an independent total value of $265.00!

Some people add gifts to their products to make them appear more valuable. I want to give you great value, but more importantly, I want to give you skills and information that will make you the best raw food teacher possible.

I’m presenting these gifts to you to congratulate you for investing in Ready~Set~Teach. These gifts will greatly enhance your learning process as both a raw fooder and a raw food teacher. And what’s more, you can get started on them as soon as you register! Enjoy!

Enrichment Gift #1: Raw Food: The Answers MP3 and PDF (Value $37)
Raw Food: The AnswersMy dear friend Dr. Rita Marie Loscalzo and I have made our raw experience, wisdom and knowledge available to you in the ultimate one-stop raw lifestyle guide. First, we surveyed over 2000 raw food enthusiasts to find out exactly- in their own words- what they most needed to know to succeed with a raw food lifestyle! Then we answered all their questions. This guide will be your indispensable raw food resource to put you firmly on the road to long-term success. (It’s like having your own personal raw food coach available 24-7!)
Enrichment Gift #2: Balancing Your Hormones ~ Empowering Actions You Can Take Right Now-MP3 and PDF (tele-seminar and 2 eBooks) By Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo (Value $50)
Balancing Your HormonesIn this fantastic gift, Dr.Ritamarie offers a selection from her Fatigue Freedom Formula program, a tele-seminar on Balancing Your Hormones through diet, lifestyle and whole foods nutritional supplementation. This includes a 90+ minute audio, an enhanced transcript and a study guide containing diagrams and charts that simplify these complex topics.

Enrichment Gift #3: Eliminate Food Cravings Using Meridian Tapping ~ with Jessica Ortner Video (Value $10.00)
Eliminate Food CravingsMeridian Tapping is an emotional version of acupuncture where we stimulate certain meridian points by tapping on them with our fingertips.  In this video Jessica Ortner, producer of the documentary film “The Tapping Solution” will show you how to quickly eliminate unhealthy food cravings that hold you back from eating the nutritious, life giving foods that you’d like to be eating.

Enrichment Gift #4: Science-Based Tips to Lose Weight & Keep It Off, No Matter What Diet You’re On, ~ a 69 page eBook by Susan Schenck. (Value $ 40)
Science-Based Tips to Lose WeightIn this fact-filled eBook you will learn much more than just weight loss tips, Susan is a terrific fact finder-you will be amazed and fascinated at some of the little known but oh-so–important-to-health facts she uncovers in this interesting read.

Enrichment Gift #5: Uncommon Fruits eBook ~ by Victoria and Valya Boutenko(value $15)

Uncommon FruitThis unique book teaches how to open, prepare and serve rare, exotic, and scrumptious fruit. The book is illustrated with almost 100 color photos that make the instructions visually easy to understand. Enjoy durians, jack fruits, coconuts, cherimoyas, and many other treats offered by Nature!

Enrichment Gift #6: Restaurant Survival Guide For Vegetarians and Vegans (ebook) ~ (by Trevor Justice (Value $15)

Restaurant Survival GuideStop letting restaurants sneak animal fat, stock, and gelatin into your meals. Besides the usual culprits – chicken stock, lard, and oyster sauce – discover the 39 other restaurant foods often made with animal byproducts.


Enrichment Gift #7: Learn to Make Amazing Gluten Free Living Bread: Turn Whole Raw Foods into the Ultimate Comfort Food ~ by Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo (Value $27)
Gluten Free Living BreadIn this video class you’ll learn to make buckwheat sandwich bread, nut based sandwich bread, carrot raisin loaves, pizza crust and more!  There’s no need to feel deprived when you decide to make healthy changes in your diet.

Enrichment Gift #8: Three eBooks: Little eBook of Raw Soups, Raw Smoothies and Raw But Not Naked a little eBook of Salad Dressings, ~ by Nomi Shannon (Value $21
Nomi Shannon Recipes - Little BooksThese 3 ebooks are essential for any beginning raw fooder who wants to quickly and easily build their raw food repertoire.  When you need fast and easy recipes that taste good too, these three eBooks are the place to go first.

Enrichment Gift #9: Nomi Unplugged! ~ by Nomi Shannon (Value $50)
Bonus Nomi UnpluggedEnjoy Nomi’s sharp wit and gentle wisdom in this straight-from-the-hip talk with guest appearances by Kevin Gianni and Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo. These two hours of Q and A and Raw Food talk cover blending vs juicing, how to get started on raw food, Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance, brand names for cleansing products, alternative health institutes and much more.

Are You Ready to teach your first class (or your best class) in 2015?

At the end of our time together you will have everything you need to be able to go out and promote and fill your first class with confidence.

What would it be worth to you to learn all of this
from someone who’s “been there, done that” and has
been incredibly successful in doing so?

If this sounds like exactly what you’ve been waiting for then you are invited to join me and begin your exciting, life-changing career, registration opens on October 1st 2014.

Your investment
I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised by the investment, but before we get to that, ask yourself:

“What is it worth to me to avoid costly mistakes and to be able to pursue my passion to create a raw food career knowing right from Day One that I will be successful?”

This really is the question that you need to ask yourself, because taking this opportunity or not taking this opportunity could literally mean the difference between realizing your dream of becoming a successful raw teacher or not.

The truth is that year after year many well-intentioned and highly talented raw food teachers
throw in the towel because…..

…they didn’t figure out how to make a living fast enough

You don’t need me to tell you how much of a shame this is, and yet they all fell into the trap of thinking that it’s easier to learn on the job (the hard way), rather than to just secure the knowledge they need before they ever teach their first class and to instead get it right from the start.

Why struggle when you can simply join me LIVE for three months and learn exactly what you need to know ~directly from someone who knows exactly what it takes to be successful?

This is for you if you KNOW that you want to get started on a raw food career the right way, NOW.

After all, one of these days I do plan to retire, and I want to know that raw food is being taught right and well, once I’ve hung up my teaching hat. This five months of my time and expertise will enable you to fast-track your raw foods career and to earn back your investment as soon as your first or second class, depending on their size.

I really want to support you if you know this is your time.

This one time investment is only…

Full pay option:
Early Bird $997

Payment plan option:
Early Bird
$265 x 4 months

Super Smoothies

All who have experience/expertise with a raw food lifestyle are welcome in this program.

And, if you happen to be the type of person who seeks an advanced educational experience, who especially wants to SHINE AS A STUDENT, SHINE AS A TEACHER and SHINE AS A BUSINESS person, there is an exciting opportunity for you.

Supplementary guidelines have been set up for RST SHINE students that offer the opportunity to graduate with honors and even to be personally endorsed by Nomi (details to follow for all who register for the course).

If you are interested in being an RST Shine student, there will be a specific area on our intake form for you to fill out. (There is no additional charge to be in the RST Shine student track and it is optional.

Some Need to Know Info
  • Registration for the five month program opens October 1st.
  • Raw Food for the Real World begins on October 8th.
  • Raw Food for the Real World is an all digital program. All talks have been pre-recorded. You may take this course at your own pace.
  • We are off for the month of December for the holidays. (This is a great time to finish up Raw Food for the Real World if you started late.)

Ready~ Set~ Teach begins in Mid January 2015. The exact day/time will be chosen by popular vote of registered participants. All Seminars are recorded for your convenience.

Ready~ Set~ Teach: each module is introduced via a LIVE tele-seminar that takes place approximately every two weeks. (The day and time will be determined by popular vote of the participants). If you cannot be on a live call, they will all be recorded. Each module will include assignments to be completed before the next module begins. The tele-seminar calls are interactive; you are encouraged to ask questions and offer insights to help you get the most out of each topic. Nomi will be available on a daily basis for RST students, via our  online forum..

What is virtual and what is sent to you as a physical, mailed package

Your Certificate of Completion will be physically mailed to you. All class materials for both Raw Food for the Real World, and Ready~ Set~ Teach will be digital. You will have exclusive access to a Resources Area where you will find everything you need for your programs. This includes  your upcoming LIVE TELE-SEMINARS  access information, plus all of your course materials, recorded audios, videos, eBooks and class notes. Nomi’s 1-1/2 -2 day live class will take place on a date to be announced, prior to December 2015. The class is free, transportation and accommodations are not included. Upon completion of the five months course; you will have access to the entire content of each course, all in one place, to print and make up into your own personal program binder or to download into a folder on your computer to keep and use forever.

Ready to get started?
I can’t begin to express to you how very much I look forward to working with you, particularly if you have the passion to bring raw foods to the world in a way that also benefits your financial goals. I have so much to share with you based on decades of teaching and doing things both the right way and the wrong way.I am handing the baton on to the next generation and if you are already teaching or ready to start right now, I look forward to working with you. I can hardly wait to hear all about the first live class you teach! Until you’ve actually changed people’s lives by your teaching, I don’t think there is really any way to describe the deep sense of satisfaction and realization of purpose that you will feel when it happens. I look forward to helping you on your journey.

Nomi Shannon
Nomi Shannon
PS: At the end of our time together you will be mailed a Ready~ Set~ Teach Certificate of Completion, showing that you invested in yourself to become the best raw food teacher possible. SHINE students will be eligible for both an honors notation on their Certificate of Completion as well as a personal endorsement from Nomi Shannon. See details in the intake form you will be asked to complete immediately upon registering for this course.

=== Refund Policy: By following each module step by step, this training program shows you how to teach a successful raw food class. We are confident that this training program will exceed your expectations and its value will prove to be many times your investment. Because of the class materials and enhancement gifts which are included and which have a value of over $3300.00 US, including a full ‘Done For You’ four hour class ($2500), our most popular raw eating program ($297), live event option ($300), plus an additional $265 in useful gifts designed to enhance your experience~ in order to prevent abuse of this system, we do not offer a refund on this training. As well, if you opt for the 4 payment option, you agree that all installments will be paid on time, and that we are offering this option on a trust basis.

If you have any questions please email us at We will be happy to speak with you personally.
Thank you.

For full description of Part One of this comprehensive course: Raw Food for the Real World, a two month raw food eating support and coaching program:



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