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Ready Set Teach GraduateNomi’s Ready-Set-Teach! class was just what I needed to feel confident teaching my first Raw Food, Radiant Life class. I taught my first class towards the end of Nomi’s training program, and her tips were invaluable. I am now, less than one month after completing Nomi’s program, teaching 1 weekend intensive class monthly. Nomi’s class covers the business, marketing, and practical teaching aspects very well. So glad I took the class – thank you, Nomi!

Suzy Edmonson, LOT, RMT, C-AK, SNC
Spiritual Nutrition Counselor, certified by Gabriel Cousens, MD
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Dolly1“I recently worked with Nomi 1:1 in a two hour coaching session . My business has been dormant this year, even with all the investments I’ve made in my own training, so I knew that something needed to be done. For me it was a significant financial sacrifice to book the time with her, but I needed to be able to speak with someone with a lot of raw food professional teaching experience.

Well, after my session of truth and direct input from Nomi, I quickly received a multiple return of my investment. At Nomi’s urging I started to tell my personal story at the beginning of my classes and talks, and to be more assertive in my business dealings. Nomi explained that my approach has been to give people what I think that they want (in this case, a scientific explanation of the benefits of raw food) instead of finding out what they want, and then giving it to them. I saved a huge amount of time because Nomi has such a vast amount of teaching experience, she was able to share with me just what most people really want.

After our session, within 24 hours I had planned my first food-prep class, which I had previously been unwilling to do. I contacted two restaurants to discuss holding events in their facility, and I’ve been offering free speaking engagements when I meet people. I also joined a local networking group. I am enjoying this last quarter of 2013, and looking forward to 2014. Thank you Nomi, for being true to your calling in equipping and giving truth to others to live their desires. Please note, I am 64 years old and just starting to reach for my dream after 3 years in business. It’s possible for you too.”

Dolly Lawrence
Raw Food Nutrition Educator
Vacaville, California

Dear Raw Food Aficionado~

Are you one of the very special people in this world who feels the call to spread the message of raw food and healing through teaching raw food classes in your area or beyond?

This is a truly worthwhile goal-in fact, it’s how I started my career in raw foods, and to this day I still teach classes at many large raw food events. I LOVE raw food classes and I know that the value that they bring to people is incalculable.

However, what 99% of new teachers don’t know upfront is:
  • How to create a class that people will want to come to
    (and that actually works in real life)
  • How to market and fill a class when they don’t yet have
    many (or any) contacts or a mailing list
  • Where to teach your classes for free or very low cost
  • How to set up an organized, professionally run class
  • Choosing the best days and times to teach
  • How to get people to come to your class
  • What to teach that will bring people in
  • What equipment you need to be able to teach raw food classes
  • How to increase your bottom line exponentially and easily
  • Ways to generate income outside of the classroom
  • How to legally and morally use other people’s recipes
  • The most common mistakes and why you need to avoid them to be successful
  • And much more!

In fact, not knowing these things is often enough to put people off from becoming teachers in the first place. Either that, or they teach their first class, work hard for next to no income, and, as much as they LOVE teaching classes and spreading the word about raw food, they tell themselves that it’s not going to work and they’ll never be able to give up their day job.

The truth is, you CAN give up the day job
if you know what you’re doing

In fact, as these numbers show, you can earn MORE than a full-time pay check from part-time hours if you really know how to do it right. And of course, the more people you teach, the more people you get to turn on to the amazing benefits of raw food!

Here’s some simple examples:

10 students x $150 = $1,500
20 students x $150 = $3,000
30 students x $150 = $4,500

raw food shopping(And please note that these figures don’t include the additional sales that EVERY raw food teacher can make at EVERY class when they know what to sell and how to sell it. Once you add those figures on you can bring in over $10,000 for one single class with at least 60% of that being profit.)

But, don’t worry if these numbers don’t work in your part of the world! There are alternative class scenarios that will enable a profit for you. Wait until I share with you the one simple way to assemble a money-making crowd that I’ve done over and over again!

For years people have been asking me to run a teacher training to show them what to do, but I have been busy with so many other things I haven’t been ready until now.

I have finally decided, for the first time ever in over 16 years of full-time teaching, to open my “doors” to a select number of raw food teachers, or those who aspire to be, who are serious about being financially successful, as well as doing their part to literally change the world, and to share with them everything that I have mastered.

You Are a VIP (Very Important Person) in my upcoming Raw Food Teacher Training Intensive:

This opportunity comes to you in the form of a an All-Live (nothing is pre-recorded) Four Month Intensive Training  spent working with me via telephone, Skype or internet from the comfort of your own home.

During your life-changing Ready~Set~Teach course you will:

1. Create the foundation of your Class:

This is the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE and HOW of your business.
Together we will:

  • Get clear on what your ideal Raw food business looks like
  • Get clear on exactly who your best students will be: who is your ideal audience
  • Decide what you want and need to teach these students
  • Brainstorm no and low cost venues to keep your overhead downRaw Food Class
  • Learn what to look for in a venue and various ways to set it up
  • Decide what kind of recipes you will demonstrate
  • Learn about Nomi’s complete DONE FOR YOU half day class, that you will be receiving as a bonus in this course, including a full complement of her recipes that you will be able to use legally in perpetuity.
  • Work out every last detail so that you will be ready to teach your first (or your best) class in 2014.
  • Cover the legalities/licensing/paying taxes, how to handle sales tax (US based business and How to be safe in the Teaching Kitchen)
  • Ready~Set~Teach Handout #1: “35 of the Most Popular Class Content Ideas”
  • Ready~Set~Teach Handout #2: “18 of the Most Fabulous Venue Ideas”

2. Create the STRUCTURE of your class:

With my help you will decide exactly what your class will look like (how long it will run, breaks, providing lunch? How to master time and timing)
  • What kind of assistance will you need and where to find it. Paid vs Volunteer help
  • How to be fully preparedraw food class perp
  • How to stay organized at all stages
  • How to schedule and run a professional class
  • Ready~Set~Teach Bonus Handout #3:
    “Nomi’s Top Tips for Teaching a Great Class” eBook designed with over 30 pages of vital information packed details for you to absorb and implement quickly
  • Ready~Set~Teach Handout #4: is a……
    DONE FOR YOU’: A complete half-day class totally set up with recipes, timing, etc. All you have to do is practice and show up and you have your class 100% planned out for you. Teach it in 2014 (value $2500)

3. Learn how to MARKET and FILL your class:
We will be brainstorming the many ways to get the word out
about your upcoming class. Together we will:
  • Create your unique marketing plan
  • Discuss what works and why
  • Discuss where you want to put your focus
    (local, media, online, free, paid, social media, sponsoring, etc.)
  • Learn how to have an online presence to promote and stay in touch with previous students
  • How to avoid marketing/ promotion mistakes most new teachers make
  • Ready~Set~Teach Handout #5: “22 Successful Marketing Options”
  • Ready~set~Teach Handout #6: Your Class Flyer Template

4. Learn how to INCREASE your class profits + learn how to RECEIVE PAYMENTS

No need to clip coupons, hire a bookkeeper, have bulk food shipped to you
weeks in advance, worry about every penny – Learn Nomi’s simple and proven
system that keeps cost down, every time, everywhere.

What you MUST KNOW to succeed
  • Learn about important and valuable additional income from each classAt the market
    you teach that can make ALL the difference in your bottom line
  • How to keep food costs down and profits up; planning menu and shopping with a budget in mind
  • The different payment options
  • The IMPORTANT things you MUST DO when it comes to money
  • Ready~Set~Teach Handout #7 : “20 Ways to Make Additional Income from Every Class You Teach”
  • Ready~Set~Teach Handout #8: Detailed Instructions – How to Take Credit Card and PayPal Payments (Very Important!)

5. See how to implement little-known ways to generate ADDITIONAL INCOME STREAMS

Together we will brainstorm the myriad ways  you can make fantastic money outside of the classroom.

  • Learn ‘secret’ little-used cutting edge events you can create
  • Discover how to Cross-Promote with your Ready~Set~Teach class mates and others
  • Learn how to generate practically over night credibility with one simply created product
  • Easily create additional learning opportunities* for your students that will bring them back again and again (*master this one thing and you can have a full blown career with a sizable income)
  • Ready~Set~Teach Handout #9: “27 Other Ways to Create Income while Building your Reputation as an Expert” (It’s not all about standing in front of a class!)

6. Master how to become the best raw food teacher that you can be

This is where you will stand out; we will be covering details some people never even think about (until it’s too late!)

  • Your introduction (super important)
  • What is ‘your story’? Often this is part of your introductory remarks (I’ll tell you exactly why)
  • Hone/Perfect your introduction/ story live in group with me
  • How to set the mood and change the pace to keep your audience enthralled
  • How to handle Q and A’s from your audience/ deciding what part of the class you are most comfortable with Q and A’s
  • How to ‘handle’ every type of person in your audience with grace, compassion and humor. Live role play available if desired.
  • What your audience most wants to know while you are showing them how to make food. (Hint: it’s all in the details)
  • Looking professional; why this matters

7. Pulling it all Together: Working up your individual PLAN

Raw Food PrepTelling you exactly what is provided in this Teacher training is fun. But because it’s an all live-class, it’s not always easy to provide every last detail. You see, I just love teaching live classes because it allows me to see what the group most wants and needs and then I provide it. So this course may include something that is not listed here.

People have a tremendous desire for CHANGE and IMPROVEMENT IN THEIR HEALTH. You just need to know how to REACH THEM. The Modules in this course cover many different ASPECTS  of teaching raw food classes; some of which will take you a bit of time to implement (such as getting your Re-Sale license if you will be selling products in the US and finding suitable venues). With our class structure, you will have time to Review and Practice everything you need to have a successful raw food class.

Using the handouts and bonuses you receive along with information from me in our live tele-seminars (all recorded at the time – you can review them any time you want to), you will begin to implement the steps covered in each Module.

Beginning on March 4th, we will meet every other week, (approximately 2 times a month depending on the calendar (meeting dates posted below). In the time between live classes, you will be implementing the steps laid out for you so that by the time the course ends, you will have:

  • Completed your check list, including all steps 1-8
  • Created your own class plan or practiced the Done for You plan I’ve provided
  • Honed your content (what you say) for your class, especially your introduction
  • Be ready to move forward to teach your first (or best) raw food class
  • Our forum will remain active for the entire 4 months duration for support

During the final two sessions, our work together will be centered on all aspects of your class, and our tele-seminars will be concentrating on what you’ll be saying/doing and preparing for in your class. Be prepared to speak up! Practice within the safety of the group will give you  the confidence you need in the classes you’ll be teaching. This will be an interactive group where/when possible. But if you can’t make it to the live seminars, you can post any questions you have in advance and listen to the recording of the class which will be available approximately 2 hours after the live class ends. 

8. Be Ready to teach your first class (or your best class) in 2014!
  • Ready~Set~Teach handout # 10: Your Certificate of Completion

green smoothie
At the end of our time together you will have everything you need to be able to go out and promote and fill your first class with confidence. AND be able to repeat that process forever, as long as you continue to teach classes.

What would it be worth to you to learn all of this from someone who’s “been there, done that” and has been incredibly successful in doing so? 

If this sounds like exactly what you’ve been waiting for then you are invited to join me and begin your exciting, life-changing career on March 4th, 2014.

Your investment
I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised by the investment, but before we get to that, ask yourself:

“What is it worth to me to avoid costly mistakes and to be able to pursue my passion to create a raw food career knowing right from Day One that I will be successful?”

This really is the question that you need to ask yourself, because taking this opportunity or not taking this opportunity could literally mean the difference between realizing your dream of becoming a successful raw teacher or not.

The truth is that year after year many well-intentioned and highly talented raw food teachers throw in the towel because…..
they didn’t figure out how to 
make a living fast enough

You don’t need me to tell you how much of a shame this is, and yet they all fall into the trap of thinking that it’s easier to learn on the job (the hard way), rather than to just secure the knowledge they need before they ever teach their first class and to instead get it right from the start.

Why struggle when you can simply join me LIVE for two fun, intense months (with some breaks!) and learn exactly what you need to know ~directly from someone who knows exactly what it takes to be successful?

This is for you if you KNOW that you want to get started on a raw food career the right way, NOW.

After all, one of these days I do plan to retire,
and I want to know that raw food is being taught right and well,
once I’ve hung up my teaching hat.

This is for 4 months of my time and expertise that will enable you to fast-track your raw foods career and to earn back your investment as soon as your first or second class, depending on their size.

I really want to support you if you know this is your time.

This one time investment is only…

Full pay option:

Payment plan option:
$292 x 3 months

If you have any questions about the program or would like to find out if it’s right for you, feel free to contact us at, and we’ll be happy to help.


I love to create value for my attendees and students, and what I’ve created as a gift to congratulate you for investing in Ready~Set~Teach will greatly enhance your learning process as a raw food teacher. Here’s a list of the super bonuses that I am offering when you sign up for Ready~Set~Teach!:

Extra Super Bonus only for the first 10 people who sign up: A free 30 minute consult with Nomi to strategize and plan your raw food teaching career – to be taken during the four month class. Value $100.

Bonus #1: “Done For You”
Ready Set TeachThis is my all time most popular live ½ day class. It is a complete winner, no matter who is attending. Contains everything you will need to teach it yourself! You will be granted the right to use the recipes in perpetuity. (The right to use the recipes alone is worth $500) Non-transferable

Value $2500

Bonus # 2: Raw Food for the Real World
Raw Food for the Real WorldMy most popular 8 week virtual raw food program. The course contains: 12 audios (MP3′s), 5 hours of Q and A, 5 eBooks, 12 Videos plus 9 bonuses worth $246; this is a very complete raw food program. Check out these amazing free bonuses: Over 800 people have taken this course.

Value $297 

Bonus # 3: Live Event

Raw Food Class PreparationThis is a 2 day live event in San Diego – to take place in 2014. On day one, you will attend a real ½ day class, both the public and teachers can attend this class. After the public leaves, we will take some time to answer any questions you may have about my methods or anything else that took place during the class. On day 2, it’s teachers only, where we analyze what aspects of my teaching style you can utilize, what you would do differently. We will role play different teaching styles and approaches. Discuss timing, deal with all the issues you may experience during a live class. Practice teaching in front of an audience. (Does not include transportation to San Diego or housing.)

Value $250

Bonus # 4: Raw Food: The Answers MP3 and PDF
Raw Food: The AnswersMy dear friend Dr. Rita Marie Loscalzo and I have made our raw experience, wisdom and knowledge available to you in the ultimate one-stop raw lifestyle guide. We surveyed over 2000 raw food enthusiasts to find out exactly- in their own words- what they most needed to know to succeed with a raw food lifestyle! This guide will be your indispensable raw food resource to put you firmly on the road to long-term success. (It’s like having your own personal raw food coach available 24-7!)

Value $37 

Bonus # 5: Live Private Forum

Offers ’round the clock support and discussions.

Value: Priceless

Bonus # 6: Certificate of Course Completion
There’s nothing like certification from a proven expert to boost your credibility.

Total value of bonuses $3084

Ready~Set~Teach! 2 month live course -
Full Pay $797

Grand total value course + bonuses $3881

Your Price is only:

What is virtual and what is sent to you as a physical, mailed package

All handouts will be sent to you as PDF downloads. Your Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you. The bonuses (except the private phone consult with me), bonus eBook, bonus “Done for You” material and Raw Food for the Real World will all be digital. My 1-1/2 -2 day live class will take place in California at a date to be announced. The class is free, transportation and accommodations are not included. Upon completion of the four month course; you will have access to the entire content of the course all in one place, for you to download into a folder on your computer to keep and use forever.

Class Schedule*

All Live tele-seminars are recorded

**Registration is open through March 31st, 2014
Classes are held every other week.

1. Tuesday March 4
2. Tuesday March 18
3. Tuesday April 1
4. Tuesday April 15
5. Tuesday April 29
6. Tuesday May 13
7. Tuesday May 27
8. Tuesday June 10

*Live class time is at 2pm Pacific (5PM New York, 10PM London, Next day (Wed) 9AM Sydney AU). As this is a live class it is to your benefit to join –especially by phone so you can work 1:1 with me in hot seat or Q and A’s. If you are unable to join live, you can post questions at the teleseminar site prior to class. All seminars will be recorded. You will be able to download all recorded seminars to keep.
*Class time is subject to change depending on time zone majority of class is in.
** Registrants after March 4th are strongly encouraged to make up missed modules prior to April 1 live teleseminar.

Nomi Shannon
Free Content-Packed Introductory Audio

Hear some of the issues I address in the Ready~Set~Teach Certification course, in this 1 ¾ hour talk. Click on the audio link below to listen in or download right away.

Ready to get started?
I can’t begin to express to you how very much I look forward to working with you if you have the passion to bring raw foods to the world in a way that also benefits your financial goals. I have so much to share with you based on decades of teaching and doing things both the right way and the wrong way.
I am handing the baton on to the next generation and if you are already teaching or ready to start right now, I look forward to working with you.

I can hardly wait to hear all about the first live class you teach! And, until you’ve actually changed people’s lives by your teaching, I don’t think there is really any way to describe the deep sense of satisfaction and realization of purpose that you will feel when it happens.

I look forward to helping you on your journey

Nomi Shannon
Nomi Shannon
PS: At the end of our time together you will be emailed a certificate of completion, showing that you invested in yourself to become the best raw food teacher possible.

=== Refund Policy: By following each module step by step, this training program shows you how to teach a successful raw food class. We are confident that this training program will exceed your expectations and its value will prove to be many times your investment. Because of the handouts and bonuses which are included and which have a value of over $3000.00 US, including a full ‘Done For You’ four hour class ($2500), our most popular raw eating program ($297), live event option ($250), and Raw Food: The Answers ($37), in order to prevent abuse of this system, we do not offer a refund on this training. As well, if you opt for the 3 payment option, you agree that all installments will be paid on time, and that we are offering this option on a trust basis.

If you have any questions please email us at We will be happy to talk this over personally with you if you have questions. Thank you.

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