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Recently, over 100 women who have a passion for and a desire to teach raw food filled out a survey I sent them. I asked them to share with me whatever fears and insecurities they had that could be holding them back from moving toward becoming a raw food teacher.

Well, actually I didn’t bring up the subject of fears and insecurities at all. But they all came pouring out when I asked this question:

What is your biggest challenge re: creating a SUCCESSFUL raw food teaching business?

Here are some of their responses:

  • How do I even get started?
  • What is my niche, who do I teach, how do I find them?
  • What should I charge?
  • Where would I teach?
  • Do I need to lease a place?
  • How do I promote it?
  • I don’t feel confident enough
  • I need help getting organized
  • I need step by step instructions
  • The cost of food and a venue
  • Do I need to be licensed?
  • Do I need to be a nutritionist?
  • and many more!

If you have been thinking about how much you’d love to ‘change the world’ by teaching raw food or if you are already teaching and want some guidance or even if you’re just curious, dipping your toe into the water to see if it might be something for you- Join me for this Free information packed 75 minute training call where I will share:

Nomi Shannon

This is me way back in 2000 when I was 57, this is from my DVDs. Yup, I’ve been teaching for a long time and now I have a burning desire to share all my tricks of the trade with other women who want to help people live a healthier lifestyle.

1. Where to teach your classes for free or very low cost

2. How to set up an organized, professionally run class

3. Choosing the best days and times to teach

4. How to get people to come to your class

5. What to teach that will bring people in

6. How to market your class (and yourself)

7. How to increase your bottom line exponentially and easily

8. Ways to generate income outside of the classroom

9. What most new teachers don’t know about marketing and self-promotion that they must do to succeed

10. How to legally and morally use other people’s recipes

11. Common Mistakes and why you need to avoid them to be successful

If you’ve been thinking that you’d like to teach raw food but are not sure just where to start, or if you are already teaching and would like to increase your income and learn how to teach a fun, exciting, organized and totally professional class, over and over—- then please join me so I can help you on your path.

To tell you the truth, one of these days I will be retiring but before I do that, I think it’s important to be able to ‘download’ all my years of raw food teaching expertise to you.

I look forward to sharing this with you on the call.

Much Love,

Nomi Shannon

PS. At the end of this information packed call, I will be sharing with you the exciting details about my upcoming ALL-LIVE Raw Food Teacher Training called: Ready~Set~Teach.